Celebration of weddings for not resident foreigners

Celebration of weddings for not resident foreigners

Ufficio: Civil Status - Wedding office - U.O.C. Matrimoni, Unioni Civili e Divorzi
Referente: Responsible of the procedure: Marianna Fabrizio
Responsabile: responsible of the organizational unit: Resp. P.O. Valeria Gandolfo
Indirizzo: Palazzo vecchio - Piazza Signoria
Tel: +39 055 2768370 - 2768211
Fax: +39 055 2616715
E-mail: matrimoni@pec.comune.fi.it
Orario di apertura: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. - Thursday 2,30 p.m. to 5,00 p.m. -

Requisiti del richiedente


Being a not resident foreign citizen and not living in Italy


As written in Deliberazione n. 373, approved 25/11/2014, Saturday weddings are reserved for residents of Florence or those that are registered in A.I.R.E. in the Comune di Firenze.

Modalità di richiesta


The date of the wedding, as well as the date of the declaration, must be personally requested at the wedding office or by phone. The reservation of the wedding’s date can be made starting from 6 months prior to the wished wedding’s date.

It is compulsory to send by fax or by e-mail the attached Information Note

Weddings are celebrated in:


Sala Rossa - Sala di Lorenzo - Salone de' Cinquecento 


MUSEO COMUNALE BARDINI - Via dei Renai, n. 37

VILLA VOGEL - (sede Consiglio Circoscrizionale n. 4) - Via delle Torri, n. 23

The calendar and the rates are attached

Documentazione da presentare

Required Documents:


1 - Permission issued by the Consulate in Italy according to the nationality of the spouse.


- Citizens from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Moldavian Republic need a CERTIFICATE OF LEGAL CAPACITY to Marriage issued by the General Registry Office of their own country.

- Citizens from Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Luxemburg and Nederland need a CERTIFICATE OF LEGAL CAPACITY to Marriage (Information available at own Consulate about the competent Authority).

- Citizens from Norway need a “Nihil Obstat” (No Impediment) certificate issued by the spouse’s Municipality of residence in Norway that must be legalised by apostille;  this document must be translated by a legally authorised translator in Norway, and certified by a Notary or by a Judge according to the Den Haag Convention rules.

 - Citizens from Poland, need the authorisation issued by the commune of residence in Poland exempt from certification. It is traslated in Poland, the signature of the traslator shall be certified by apostille (certificate of authenticity) (Aja Convention).

-  Citizens frpm Sweden need the authorisation is issued by the commune of residence, certified by apostille (Aja Conv.). If traslated in Sweden, the signature of the traslator shall be certified by Apostille (Aja Conv).




If allowed by the marriage laws of the foreign country, the Nihil Obstat Permission can be also issued by a competent authority in own Country(ask your Consulate or Embassy if that is possible). All documents issued abroad must be translated into Italian and legally certified by the Italian Authority in that state (Consulate or Embassy).

The signature of the Consul or Ambassador must be authenticated by the Italian Prefecture(in Florence: Via Giacomini, 8 – Open Monday through Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. – On Thursday also open in the afternoon from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. - Tel. 055/27831 – (Bring a revenue stamp of € 16,00 with you). Authentication is not required for the citizens of the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia,France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Montenegro, Nederland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Moldavian Republic, Rumania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.


The above permission or certificate must state that there are no impediments of any kind to the marriage according to the laws of the applicant’s country, and must contain:


Name, family name, birth place and birth date, citizenship, residence, civil status and parents’ personal data (if not already indicated a birth certificate is required and it must be authenticated and translated, or in alternative a multilingual birth certificate extract must be provided). For divorced women or widows the date of the divorce or death is also necessary.


2 - Women who have been divorced or widowed for less than 300 days need an Authorization by the Court of Justice (Florence Jurisdiction – Viale Guidoni, n. 61) certified by the Appeal Court of Florence (Viale Guidoni, n. 61 - Florence).

3 - Minors between 16 and 18 years of age need a permission from the Minor Jurisdiction Court (Via della Scala, 81 – Florence) to be admitted to the marriage, which must be certified by the Appeal Court of Florence ( Viale Guidoni, n. 61).

A ll these documents must be provided to the Municipal Wedding Office at least 4 days before the already booked day of marriage. In order to fasten the procedure it is possible to send the documents in advance by fax or by e-mail, attaching the photocopy of the identification document


Iter procedura






It is necessary to declare the inexistence of any impediment to the celebration of the marriage as to articles n: 85, 86, 87 n. 1-2-4, 88 and 89 of the Italian Civil Code. This declaration is released in the Wedding Office without witnesses but with a translator if necessary, at least 2 days before the wedding’s day, and it is necessary to book an appointment in advance. Everybody must bring a valid I.D.



According to article 116 of the Italian Civil Code banns are not published.





Two witnesses are required for the celebration of the wedding (one for each spouse) and they must have a valid I.D. with them.



If one of the spouses, or both, doesn’t speak Italian an interpreter is required (with a valid I.D. document) to assist them during the ceremony.

The officer of the registry office is in charge of the final act.



The wedding office does not provide any interpreter.





The payment of the wedding fee may be made by:

- credit card, using our secure ONLINE payment (please follow the link at the end of this page);

- bank transfer: our bank is Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze
SWIFT code is CRFIIT3F   and IBAN code is IT20X0616002832000000161C01
headed to Comune di Firenze Direzione Servizi Demografici;

- postal c/c 159509 headed to Comune di Firenze Direzione Servizi Demografici.


In case of cancellation of the wedding ceremony, the fees already paid will not be refunded.



a) i moduli sono predisposti per la compilazione on line ma non per la firma digitale;
b) la firma deve essere apposta in forma "autografa" sul modulo compilato e stampato;
c) per la trasmissione telematica digitalizzare il modulo compilato e firmato e inviarlo insieme alla copia di un documento di identità valido;
d) i dati obbligatori sono segnalati da campi con cornice rossa.

Ultimo aggiornamento: Giovedì, 18 Maggio 2017


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