Dimora abituale: rinnovo dichiarazione (english version) - The renewal of the residency

Dimora abituale: rinnovo dichiarazione (english version) - The renewal of the residency

Ufficio: Office: Anagrafe
Referente: Contact: Resp. Proced. : Anna Maria Franza
Responsabile: Management: Resp. P.O.: Angela Lastrucci
Indirizzo: Address: Palazzo Vecchio- Piazza Signoria nr. 1
Tel: informations: Telephone: 055055
E-mail: E-mail: angela.lastrucci@comune.fi.it
Orario di apertura: Hours: See Punti Anagrafici Decentrati (P.A.D.)

Requisiti del richiedente

-You must be a non EU citizen
-You must be a resident of Florence

Documentazione da presentare

Iter Procedure
The application may be sent:
• Personally to one of the Punti di Anagrafici Decentrati (P.A.D.). If you submit the application personally you must provide an ID: Permesso or Carta di Soggiorno for every family member.
• Or by mail to the Ufficio Anagrafe Piazza Signoria nr. 1 CAP 50122 Firenze. If you mail the application enclose photocopies of permesso or carta di soggiorno of every family member.
The final decision is made by a population officer.


There is no cost if the application is presented personally. If the application is mailed the only cost will be the stamps in order to mail the documents.


(a)The renewal of the residency is immediate.
(b) If you do not renew your residency registration after 60 days it will be cancelled by the registry office.
Average Time: 45 days


Non EU citizens residing in Florence have an obligation to renew at the Ufficiale di Anagrafe their residency at the municipal within 60 days of the renewal of a permesso or carta di soggiorno, the application should be accompanied by a photocopy of the permesso or carta di soggiorno.


Please note that pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 28 of Law n. 94 of 05.07.2009 "provisions on public security (which amended Art. 11 paragraph 1 letter. C of DPR n. 223/1989) the deletion from the resident population is made for the citizens of non-EU foreigners, that due to the non-renewal of the declaration referred to in Article. 7, paragraph 3, after SIX months after the expiry of the permesso or carta di soggiorno.

Normativa di riferimento

Decree of the President of the Republic on 30 May 1989, n. Article 223. As replaced by Article 7, paragraph 3. 14, paragraph 2 D.P.R 31 August 1999, n. 394
Legislative Decree of 25 July 1998 no. 286 "Consolidated text of provisions governing immigration and the status of foreigners"
Decree of the President of the Republic no. 394 of 31/08/1999, art. 15, paragraph 2
Law no. 94 of 05.07.2009 "provisions for public safety" art. 1, paragraph 28 (amended Article. 11 paragraph 1 letter. C of DPR no. 223/1989)

Reclami ricorsi opposizioni

Questions: Please call: 3287604533 from Monday to Friday: 8:30-13:00 or e-mail us at: reclaim.anagrafestatocivile.fi.it

Ultimo aggiornamento: Mercoledì, 10 Agosto 2016


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